Investment notes from Greater China

Mike Sell, Alquity’s Head of Asian Investments spent ten days in Greater China visiting 22 companies in Hong Kong and four in Taiwan. He was joined by Dan Billis, a new addition to the Asia Investment team. Despite being caught in Typhoon Mangkhut, Mike and Dan visited both existing and new potential holdings. Our regular on-the-ground meetings in September provided a good opportunity to discuss the relentless negative news relating to the global trade war with the companies we met; whether and to what extent the imposition of tariffs impacts the Chinese domestic economy.


Concluding thoughts

The view from all our company meetings regardless of sector was undoubtedly positive. Overall, we returned with our conviction on the macro outlook reaffirmed. As a result, we sustain our long-standing view that the Chinese domestic economy is in a solid and much better shape than most people believe, which also strongly implies that trade woes and the imposition of tariffs are very unlikely to derail the underlying economic momentum in China. Once the majority of market players realise that the domestic economy is well-insulated from external shocks, the high quality stocks of domestically-focused companies (of which we have successfully identified a number) will continue to deliver, despite recent sentiment-driven poor share price performance. We have been increasing the weighting of China across our portfolios and will continue to do so.


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