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Transforming Lives in India – Alquity TL Foundation’s new grant to Shivia

In 2024, Shivia will expand into a new area in India within the state of Chhattisgarh and work with 400 beneficiaries on the Poultry Development Services Programme. This January, through our Transforming Lives Foundation we have donated £ 20,000 to Shivia to support the first year of the programme there, providing toolkits and training to 200 women in order to transform their lives and those of their families.

About Shivia: it was founded in 2008 and is a UK registered charity working in both India and Madagascar.

About the Poultry Development Services Programme: It provides women with a ‘toolkit’ so that they can earn money from raising chickens and selling the produce – mature chickens and eggs. For many women, this is the first opportunity they have to earn their own money.


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