The Alquity 40-40 Campaign

Total donated to date: $40000


Alquity’s business model donates 10% of fees revenues to social support for the most disadvantaged people in the emerging markets in which it invests. The 40-40 campaign quadruples that commitment, with Alquity donating 40% of its net management fees derived from new investments into its funds for the remainder of 2020. Via Alquity’s Transforming Lives Foundation, a registered charity, the money will be delivered to charity partners running projects specifically aimed at alleviating the impact of Covid-19.

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Alleviating the impact of covid-19 in the developing world

Social distancing, hand washing and staying at home are all privileges few in the developing world can afford. Covid-19 will have a disproportionate impact on those living in cramped conditions, with poor healthcare and no social safety net.

“Our 40-40 Campaign is our response to the severe economic and social hardship the Coronavirus pandemic will cause many people around the world. Alquity has always believed that wherever you are born, you should have an equal opportunity in life and this is even more relevant today. As some of the freedoms and comforts we are used to in developed countries are dramatically reduced, we are getting a glimpse of what daily life is like for a some of the poorest people on the planet. This is our chance to transform investment and create a fairer, more sustainable society” – Paul Robinson, Chairman, Alquity

Future World Fund

Due to its global nature, we have selected the Alquity Future World for the campaign. The fund invests across Latin America, Asia and Africa using a fully integrated ESG investment process. The Investment Team invests in well managed, responsible businesses that contribute to long term sustainable growth in their markets. Please contact us for more details on the Future World Fund.


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