By Suresh Mistry


Why Alquity is the model for the future of ESG – Webinar January 2022

We like to say Alquity is the world’s first net positive asset manager. From the origins of the business, we have represented a way of investing and delivering impact that no other asset manager has been able to replicate.

In the following webinar, Paul Robinson (founder) and Suresh Mistry (co-founder) cover:

1) The vision and experience that led to the creation of Alquity and its 3D investing approach
2) Examples of how this approach has delivered both attractive returns and significant impact through our funds
3) How critical events such as COP26, SFDR reporting and EU taxonomy alignment will transform the focus and future of ESG investing in 2022 and beyond

Link to the webinar:

Disclaimer: For professional investors only.