19 to 25 October: The Final Countdown

With just a week to go, all eyes are now on the US Presidential election. Polls continue show a Biden-lead by a wide margin on the national level. According to the New York Times, the second Presidential Debate did not really move the dial for either of the candidates. But, let’s not forget that there are other relevant topics on the horizon for investors, such as the negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans to construct and pass a new round of economic relief bill.

This week, the leaders of the Communist Party in China will meet to map out the next phase of economic developments. By the end of the convention, the Party will draw up and pass the 14th five-year plan, which may gravitate around technological innovation, economic self-reliance and a cleaner environment. The Party will also set goals for the next 15 years, as President Xi wishes to make progress on China becoming a global lead in technology and other strategic industries.

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